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Cardinal Hume Catholic School

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Cardinal Hume Catholic School Approved Logo Skirt


VAT applies to all adults and childrens' sizes above 13 years.
Product Information

Cardinal Hume Catholic School Approved Logo Skirt


In accordance with the school dress code, skirts must be worn to knee length;

  • with sewn in drop pleat all round
  • School logo below waistband
  • buttoned waistband
  • 100% Polyester Polyester Twill Fabric
  • Matches perfectly with the Girls Ziggys Blazers and Designer Blazers
  • Flexible skirt lengths allows schools to choose what's best

The standard length is 18" which generally lies just above the knee and is available at all times.  We are also able to specially order longer lengths 20"/22".  Please allow 12-14 days for these to be ordered or call us to check availability


Sizing in General

We generally find that these skirts are quite a "neat" fit.  They have a high waistband and pleats which are stitched down first and then loose pleats further down.  Our best selling size for secondary school new starters (11 years) tends to be the size 26" but you can go up a size if your child is taller than average, or needs the skirt to be wider on the hips.  We hope this helps!

Delivery Information

Delivered via courier normally within 3 working days. All packages are sent by recorded delivery.

Measurements/Size Guides

We have formulated size charts just to give you as much information as possible and to save you worrying about your purchases being the wrong size. You can simply check the measurements for the required age to ensure that you making the right choice!

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